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Over the three years ZuZu was published, over 600 kids submitted their work.
Some of them became regulars, developed their own columns, and went on to do amazing stuff.
Here's what's up with some of our alumni.

In addition to tons of remarkable kids, award-winning illustrators, photographers and designers
also contributed. Check out what some of them are up to now.

Chloe Liotta-Jones, age 12, one of the regular contributors, reporting on street dogs in Harlem and submitting poetry, book reviews and artwork, has currently been learning how to do animations on her computer.

Check out her short film, "Da Bee an' Da Fower"
e-mail Chloe.

Julia Stiles, age 13, a young actress, reported on many behind-the-scenes entertainment experiences. Reporting on the step-by-step process of making a music video with Cyndi Lauper and getting interviews with the kids from t.v. series Ghostwriter, Julia wrote about her first hand experiences as a young performer. Currently she can be seen in the new Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford film, "The Devil's Own." She kept a journal of those experiences published in Seventeen magazine.
e-mail Julia.

Avery Singer, age 9, was one of our regular contributors, in addition to creating her own web site - not quite finished yet - Avery has been producing short animations on her computer.

Check out her short film, "Tornado!"
and her Art Gallery,
e-mail Avery.

Nick Scoullar, age 13, produced and starred in his own public t.v. show called Talk Comics, in addition to describing the process of starting a t.v. show and interviewing comic book Gary Panter and photographer William Wegman, Nick was a regular contributor with a cartoon called FUZZY, about the life of his own dog living in NYC. Currently, Nick is one of the hosts of the Anti-Gravity Room, a cool show on the sci-fi channel that grew out of the idea of his own show Talk Comics.
e-mail Nick.

Emily Serviss, age 13, Her column, Emily's Culture Corner took readers on an up close, in the dressing room look at some of the young performers appearing in some of the most popular shows on Broadway, from Beauty and the Beast to Grease. She has since continued to report for new publications like The New Girl Times and was involved in the research and publication of We're in Print: The Whole Story by Kids for Kids, a guide informing kids about how to start their own newspapers, television shows and radio programs.
e-mail Emily.

Were you ever published in ZuZu? Tell us what you are up to now.


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