Talent Pool

ZuZu was often cited for its lively graphic sensibility. In addition to all the great artwork by kids,
some adult designers, photographers and illustrators also contributed to the overall look.
Take a look at some of their work at their own sites.

Jean Marcellino, an art director, designed many of the lively layouts that appeared in the Flights of Fancy section and other features. She also designs ads and television commercials.
Jean Marcellino - art director, designer

Richard Sandler, a photographer, enlivened the pages of our Big Dog Issue with his a selection of his dog photos, taken in New York City over the course of 15 years. His work also documents the two-legged denizens of NYC.
Richard Sandler - photographer

Alison King, creator of the Absolute Fiddlesticks cartoon, SPECK, has been working on a publishing project with kids in New York City. They call themselves the Bureau of Young Grapes and have written a book called "We're in Print: The Whole Story by Kids for Kids.
Alison King - check out her artwork, find out more about the Bureau, and hear her beagle Harold sing!

Doug Skinner, who researched and illustrated It's Fortean, a kind of believe-it-or-not cartoon regularly featured in Absolute Fiddlesticks, continues his career as a performer in New York City. Check out his band, White Knuckle Sandwich, performing throughout November at The Duplex in Manhattan.

Lance Tooks creator of Baby Ranks, a regular feature in Absolute Fiddleticks, as well as longer features, is currently working on animation projects for MTV and other cartoon characters in addition to publishing his own artwork and stories.

Daniel Peddle, the artist and voice behind CoCo Jaymz, ZuZu's resident "dear abby", has just recently finished production on a video for kids, Hand Jive!, a funny story of sibling rivalry, handgames and ingenuity. In addition, Daniel is also producing the artwork for animations soon to appear on Nickelodeon.

Marcos Sorensen, an illustrator and designer, authored and illustrated the Absolute Fiddlesticks cartoon, Word Up, an irreverent look at work derivations and meanings featuring M.C. Homebird.
Sorensen Illustrates! - artwork, animation and more!

Isabel Samaras, an artist, wrote and illustrated the popular Culture Trip feature that appeared in early issues of ZuZu, featuring such topics as Body Adornment, Astrology and other unique global cultural phenomenon. Her own work incorporates images of comic heroes and heroines, classical paintings and secrets about the life of Elvis.
Isabel Paints!! - check out a selection of her latest virtual exhibit.

Updates on other illustrators, artist, photographers and writers will be forthcoming.


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