mexican swimming lessons

san miguel de allende, mexico
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Diego and Juan Esqueleto know of one place to beat the heat.
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Ignoring the warnings, Diego is soon splashing with the locals.

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Juan stands warily by...finally, he takes the plunge.
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There's only one problem...he doesn't know how to swim!
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Such a sad ending for poor J.Esqueleto - or is it?
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Just another milagro in Mexico!!

Shot entirely on location in San Miguel de Allende, an arty village about two hours north of Mexico City. The major portion was shot at Taboada, an idyllic pool located just outside of San Miguel.

I've always loved the little skeleton figures that are everywhere in Mexico, and thought up this story one night at my hotel as a way to bring them to life. It was also a good excuse to use my groovy underwater super8 camera to create an unforgettable celluloid souvenir.

I was assisted in my efforts by an international crew of folks I met while vacationing there: Michael and Karl from Mexico City, California and Germany; Maria from Wisconsin; and Sally from Chicago. The first time I shot this movie, all the footage came back black. Unfortunately I was already back in New York when I discovered this, so I had to wait an entire year to reunite with my friends and film it all over again, using the same tattered storyboard. Luck (in the form of new batteries) was with me this time around, and, with a few silicone improvements, my cast held up a lot better during the watery shoot. I even managed to bring one home to New York where he dangles today.

status: currently in post-production. A sequel is in the works, contingent on low airfares.


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