A Match Made on the Internet

The stories were sent in by a second grade teacher, the art by a young artist living in China who thought ZuZu (the newspaper) could use a little more color!
Even though these two imaginative young people have never met, we thought their words and pictures really worked well together.

words by Sara Yu, paintings by Hejiuan Jiuan

Writer Sara Yu is eight years old and is in the second grade at the Reba O. Steck Elementary School, located in Aurora, Illinois. The stories were submitted by her teacher, Gail Kleefisch.

Artist Hejiuan Jiuan lives in Suzhou, People's Republic of China. She sent these drawings to ZuZu when she was in the fifth grade at the Pingzhi Elementary School. Her paintings and drawings have won many contests and have been exhibited in China and Japan.
illustrations from top: "Rowing a Dragon Boat", "Girl of Dawn", "Deer Zoo", "Animal's Paradise", "Sea"

To see more of her paintings, visit our MG4C Art Gallery.


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