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Book Review by Linda Sarkadi, age 9

Rosie, A Working Dog's Story
written by Stephanie Calmenson, with photos by Justin Sutcliffe
published by Clarion

This book is about the author, Stephanie, and her special ASPCA-trained dog, Rosie. Rosie is a Tibetan terrier. Together, they go to hospitals and nursing homes to visit sick and handicapped children and adults who pet and play with Rosie.

Rosie's visits make these people feel less depressed and lonely. Rosie cheered up a man in a nursing home because she reminded him of his dog when he was a kid. I liked this book because it is about how dogs help people.

You can see all this yourself in the book's big, beautiful color photos. I got to meet Stephanie and Rosie in person! Rosie was so well trained, she knew when to take food and when not to, and the name of all her toys. She wears a red harness and has a badge that says "I am a visiting dog!"

About the Delta Society

Rosie was trained at the ASPCA and is a Delta Society Pet Partner.

The Delta Society was founded in 1977 and is the leading resource center that studies how animals and people affect each other.

The Society provides training for professionals, the general public and pets. They also publish magazines, journals and newsletters on the subject of human-animal programs ad research. The Society's Pet Partner Program registers and trains teams of people and their pets to visit a variety of facilities and helps organize volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about how you and your pet can help others,
call the Delta Society for information about their programs and services at:
(206) 226-7357.
or write: Delta Society, P.O. Box 1080
Renton, WA 98057-9906

- first published in the May/June 1993 issue of ZuZu


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