Flights of Fancy

by Jamina Vesta M. Jugo, age 9 - Brent International School Manila, Philippines

There are many
Books to read
They were written to inspire,
Guide, teach, and read.

They're also there
To entertain,
To make you smile
Even when it rains.

There are books on every
Person, place, and thing
From Stonehenge to Saturn
The planet with rings.

There are books
That will make your hair stand on end
Or make your flesh
Crawl and bend.

Other books will make you feel
Light and airy
As if you were a nymph or a fairy.

Some books will make you
Feel adventurous and brave
Or will make for action
Have an insane crave.

I like books that are exciting,
Not such a bore
And I like books that don't command
But convincingly implore.

The Holy Bible is
The greatest book of all.
It will help you answer
Almighty God's call.

There are also some books
That will tear your heart open
About miserable people
Who used to be lively and hopin'.

Most books have happy endings
That are full of glee
Or end with a party
Or a grand jubilee.

Some books are romantic,
About love affairs,
About the pains and powers
That all lovers share.

I believe a good reader
Must read all kinds of books
To really see the world
And give it a very good look.


A parent's love
Will persevere
As long as time
And forever are here.

It stretches far
Beyond the sea
It never ever
Fails to reach out to me.

We should love
Our parents back
Our love should fill
Many a large sack.

Parents give their
Undying love
As though dispatching
A pretty white dove.

We should repay them
For their care
And all that they
For us had to bear.

Things should be done for them
Out of love, not duty
Because that's a part
Of our inner beauty.

If our parents scold us,
They don't love us less.
They're helping us
Up the path to righteousness.

We should care for our parents
In their old age
And not leave them to die
In a storm's powerful rage.

We should give them
For each kiss and each hug
And each loving caress.

What's more, God wants us to love Mom and Dad
And respect them
To make their lives
Much better than bad.

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