A Pair of Poems
by Lung Wang

Churning furiously before me,
A great black pool of mystery.
The heavenly sky swirls angrily,
Along with the foaming, evil,sea.

Forcing waves crashes upon,
The crying sand, who's gentle song,
Coos and calms the sea for long,
'Till it's dark spirit arises to do wrong

The sun breaks through the cursed sky,
Evaporating all with a mild sigh.
But fear the sea, for who knows why-
Or when it'll unlease it's fearful cry.


Gentle songs long ago,
Nevermore will come again.
Eternal quiet fills the air,
All is gone, no seeds lain.

The future is silent,
For nature is gone.
Quietly vanquished,
For so long.

When again, will nature return?
The victim of such destruction.
Man has caused and earned our fight,
Unite to overpower this production!

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