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Children's book artist and author Peter Sis
generously contributed one of his drawings to each issue for the Mystery Picture feature.
Readers were invited to write in their what they thought was going on in the picture. From the overwhelming amount of stories submitted, several were chosen for publication in the following issue.

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Boy with Trash

This mysterious picture appeared in the first edition of the ZuZu web site, launched in the Fall of 1996. The following stories were submitted electronically from places around the world.

Story #1
by Abby, age 9

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack who never took the garbage out. It piled up by day and three whole trash cans were filled by the next week and they sat in his house. There was crusty macaroni and cheese, and old pizza crumbs. And then, the next day, he was shocked. All the trash that he had never taken out had invaded his bedroom!
He said to his mother,"Mom, I will take the garbage out. It's just too scary without doing it." From then on, Jack always took the garbage out and it never invaded is room again.

The Bees
by Liza N-S, 7 years old

Once there was a man who had a lot of toys and a lot of junk. He was so skinny and mean. He did not have any parents but he liked to waste things. He got what he wanted to get. He always sees bees all over him because they like him. He doesn't like the bees That's all. The end.

Mess of the House
by Terry Brodner, age 7

Have you heard the story of John Juods? Well, I'll tell it to you. It all happened when a a young boy happened into NYC. He had dark brown eyes and short brown hair. His mother had told him to clean his room. That's why he was in his hiding place As his mother yelled, he decided to go back. He shlugged up to his house. A few days later his mother told him to clean his room. Instead he hid everything under his bed.
"Did I do good?", he asked.
"You need help.", said his mother."Let's see. We'll start with the first lump."

Garbage Man
by Harold L., age 6

Once upon a time there was a garbage man who delivered garbage. One day he grew tired but couldn't stop and he grew older and older and older. Then he grew out of the job, married someone and he couldn't do the job anymore so he stopped. And he had a baby too. The End.

Our Story
by Megan Mizanty, age 8 & Rachel Mizanty age 5

There once was a boy named Micheal. He really liked to recycle. He dug up some trash, and what do you know, he found two bags of clams! He took all the pearls out of the clams and he made himself a suit. And old Michael, still recycles. Before you know it, he will be making TV tuxedo's.

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