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Children's book artist and author Peter Sis
generously contributed one of his drawings to each issue for the Mystery Picture feature.
Readers were invited to write in their what they thought was going on in the picture. From the overwhelming amount of stories submitted, several were chosen for publication in the following issue.

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illustration of man on coat rack

This mysterious picture appeared in the Sept./Oct. 1992 issue of ZuZu.
The following stories were published in the Nov./Dec. 1992 issue.

Man in Coat Hanging on Hook
by Christina Coronios, age 11

There was once a man named Pete who never took his coat off. One day he saw something he had never seen before. He asked his friend what it was and his friend told him it was a coat rack and you hung your coat there. So Pete told his friend that he couldn't take his coat off because the buttons did not unbutton.
"What should I do?"Pete asked his friend.
"Well, that's simple" his friend said, and as he spoke he picked Pete up and hung him up on the coat rack and Pete said "I've got to unbutton this coat!"

by Lily F. Goodman, age 6

One Halloween there was a man and he stayed home that evening. The Halloween Fairy came and hung him up on the coat rack. Then the boy Halloween Fairy came and took him down. The man went out trick or treating with his friend's kids and he knew never to stay home on Halloween again, unless someone was sick.

I Think
by Valicia Philibert, age 8

I think that the man is a detective. I think that bad guys broke into his office and hooked him up there so he couldn't get in their way. Also, I think the detective feels upset, disappointed, and depressed. Also, he looks like he is in shock about everything.

Do You Know?
by Claude Kelly, age 12

Do you know why this man is hanging on a coat rack? Well I'll tell you why. One day a man in a long coat went to work. He wanted to impress his boss so much he overworked himself. When he got home he threw his coat down and he dropped. The second day he was so tired he dropped with his coat on. On the third day, he was so tired he forgot to take off his coat and he hung himself up also.

My Story
by Ericka Ramirez, age 10

A big bully came in the house and said, "Why did you steal my girl!" And the man said, "I did not steal your girl!", and the Bully said, "Sure!" And that's why the Bully hanged him up!

Frankie Story
by Frankie, age 8

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in East 5th Street. He got scared and got hooked up on the coat rack and nobody helped him or heard of him again.

A Guy that Lived on a Hook
by Steven Fleming, age 10

There was a guy that lived on a hook and shook like milk. Everybody knows he lived, so when he comes by, everybody shook. So next time he comes by everybody is going to run to say goodbye.

The Vampire was Hiding in his Cage and it was Dark
by David Lucena, age 7

Once upon a time there was a vampire hiding in his house in his cage, and locked himself in the cage by himself. The man in the coat room was ZuZu. He was hiding in his coat from the vampire. He was very scared. The vampire found him under his coat and said, "Do your homework!"

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