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The Cat that Wasn't Right

There was a momma cat that wasn't feeling very good. It was cause she wasn't a mom yet. She was going to have some kittens. The very next day she had the kittens. All of them were yellow. Except one. It was Black and White. It never meowed. One day when it was older at 1 year, it finnaly made a sound. "Bark!" The momma cat was startled.


She hadn't known this to happen. All the cats were talking to him. "You aren't suppose to do that, it's done like this, Meeooww. " It was the best one the momma cat had heard. There was a dog that came by the alley with the cats. All the cats were afraid. Except the black and white one. "Bark!" "What?" said the surprised dog. "I'm a felinest dog" said that cat. "What?" the dog said. "I look like a cat but really a dog, so buzz off." One day the dog came back but the cats were gone. But the cat was able to bark AND meow now so the cat would come back some times and talk with the dog.
p.s. - this is not true!

Carter Cat and the Bully
by Kit Stiles, age 9

Once upon a time there was a cat and his name was Carter Cat. Carter Cat was very nice, but there was one problem. There was a bully and his name was Spike. One day when Carter Cat was walking to school, Spike came along and whispered, "Kitty Litter" and "scaredy cat" in Carter Cat's ear. At school Spike tripped Carter Cat when he was walking to the pencil sharpener. Then at lunch Spike started throwing spit balls and blamed it on Carter Cat. On the playground Spike threw a boomerang at Carter Cat and had perfect aim. Because he got perfect aim. Spike started to wag his tail. Carter Cat tried to tell the teacher, Mrs. Catwell, but she was too busy talking to another teacher. When Spike got back into his classroom, he put his cap on which had a "B" for Bully on it. Spike did the same old things to Carter Cat. But he tripped the teacher instead!

Mrs. Catwell said to Spike, "I am calling your parents!" Mrs Catwell had a meeting with Spike and his parents. They talked about how Spike had been bothering Carter Cat and Mrs. Catwell. Then Spike's parents went home and had a long talk. They talked about how they have been paying more attention to their jobs than to Spike. They promised that they would pay more attention to him. Then, the next day Spike got a lot of attention before school and after school.

After about a couple of weeks of getting this kind of attention, Spike asked Carter Cat if he would like to go to Spike's house for dinner, and Carter Cat said "yes." The next day Spike was wearing a hat that had an "F" on it for Friends. And now they are great friends!

originally published in the summer 1994 issue of zuzu

by Alexis, age 7; David, age 5; Andrea, age 4; and their dad

Once upon a time there was a cat named Bigara. She was a big cat. She was a cheetah and she caught many animals for her food. One day Bigara met a little kitty named Elizibeth and she liked can food but she also caught a lot of small animals. But unlike Bigara, Elizibeth made friends with all of the animals that she caught. Elizibeth was so good at making friends that she even made friends with Bigara. The day that Elizibeth and Bigara met, Bigara had gotten herself into a bit of trouble - she was chasing a rabbit and fell into a very large hole. Elizibeth saw Bigara's problem and decided to lend a helping hand. So Elizibeth went and got some of her little animal friends and a long rope and they all got together and pulled Bigara to safety.

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